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Fire Door Maintenance

A fire door should be regularly checked to ensure it functions correctly and will perform to its designed standard in the event of a fire.

When you have had fire doors installed at your home or business premises, it is important to ensure you continue
to get the protection that these doors are designed to provide. Things can go wrong with fire doors over time, and in order to ensure the level of protection does not drop, you need to ensure that the doors are properly maintained by professionals. This makes it easier for you to continue getting valuable protection and enjoy peace of mind.

Let our professionals help
Regular maintenance of your fire doors can make big difference when it comes to your safety and reassurance.
However, it is vital that this maintenance is carried out by experts. If you would like to arrange regular maintenance of your fire doors, you can turn to our professionals for help. All you need to do is get in touch with our team of experts, and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

Fire doors save lives and property
Carrying out expert repairs

Our team will check all of your Fire Doors on-site to ensure that they are safe, compliant and effective in protecting occupants against smoke and flames in the event of a fire.

In some instances, repair work will be required and in others, where the level of damage is too high, replacement doors may be the only solution. Either way, we offer solutions to reduce maintenance costs, increase the lifespan of the door and frame whilst retaining fire integrity and aesthetics.

Our planned maintenance programme services is a great way to ensure the longevity of your doors keeping your products working smoothly and efficiently. This service can be used as little or often as you need. We carry out planned maintenance on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and can be carried out at our clients convenience. This service has a set price please contact us for more information on this.

Monthly, quarterly and annual servicing
Operation and safety testing
Cleaning of mechanism
Electrical and mechanical checks
Repair, replacement and spare parts
24 hour emergency call out service
Upgrades and modernisation

Regulations advice and consultation

Covers shutters, doors, barriers, gates & loading bay gear